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Only premium-produced coconuts from organic-cultured plantation are scrupulously screened then selected for production. Grown into full maturity in plantations free of chemical fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide, the produce are true to the specification of organic labeling.

The stringent selection process continue throughout the cleaning process of whole nuts; beginning with washing to remove dirt and impurities before de-husking, de-shelling and paring to produce wholesome white coconut flesh. They are screened thoroughly to rid any foreign matter present (if any); which are then washed, pasteurized and grated.

Towards ISO 220000:2005 Standard

Hardward-Green Marketing strives to ensure clean, top quality ingredients by establishing the best possible control system throughout the sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution process.

We are a trusted provider of high quality coconut and coconut-based ingredients from fresh coconut water to concentrates and processed coconut ingredients. And increasingly, we’re taking the lead in an area of concern to numerous food manufactures; food safety. We set the highest standard in safety in the following way:

We pride ourselves on a world-class level of sourcing ingredients from a naturally abundant source.

Manufacturing and Testing
We operate state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities throughout our manufacturing process.

Quality Guarantee
International specifications mandate quality compliance in all ingredients


All products manufactured, imported and distributed by HGM are certified Halal. Products and premises for manufacturing have been inspected and have earned Halal certification by recognized Islamic bodies.
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